2015 – The Year of Something

Yes I’ve been negligent blogging.  It’s one of those things where I get on a tear and write a bunch of stuff then get to doing real world stuff and forget about it :).  I still owe the automation posts, working through that code.  Some of the stuff was too environment specific and I wanted to make it more universal.  It’s not going to be drop in and play but I hope we have some examples to show you so that you can use it to meet your own needs.  So that is still coming, I promise!

In other news we’ve turned the page to 2015.  It seems like every year is the year of something, right?  It’s been the year of VDI for I don’t know how many years.  Some people are calling this the year of DaaS because of the changes Microsoft made to their licensing model.  I won’t go that far… until SPLA is replaced your ability to do desktop OS in the public cloud is non-existent.  I have seen a lot more activity in the hybrid cloud space with VDI which is what honestly I think the Enterprise wants anyway.  Data control concerns and separation of the VDI from back end systems are often too big a hurdle for organizations to clear.

So what do I expect?  What are my own bold predictions?  These are things I have no knowledge of but sincerely hope to see:

1) Citrix does something to fix PVDs.  I don’t know what that is.  Maybe they just buy someone (hello, Unidesk… this is Citrix calling!) or maybe they realize that they had the code base for like 3-4 years now and sat on it too long when they could have been making it useful :).  Seriously.  Please.  This is a space with so much potential and a couple of clear market leaders (one of which is now owned by a competitor) that if Citrix dedicated their resources I think they could recover and come out with a kick-ass product.

2) We get to see some of the neato stuff Citrix has been working on in the cloud management space.  It’s hardly a guess, I mean they did basically tell us all it was coming at last year’s Synergy.  I just hope it works and plays nice with something like say… OpenStack.  I never thought I would see the day when VMWare was embracing diversity in technology more than Citrix.  Ignoring OpenStack is a mistake.

3) We get closer to a true XenApp 6.5 replacement.  Every release has given us progress towards that goal.  Sometimes it’s just returning a feature, sometimes it’s a weird replacement that sort of does the same thing.  We are missing two major components that I need to see before I declare 7.x a complete replacement.  Those are zones and worker groups.  Of those zones has a much larger impact in the real world I believe, but worker groups play heavily into my automation and management strategies.  I need both!  I know Cris Lau and team are working on them, I just hope we get to see them this year without having to wait for XenApp 8.x!

4) Monitoring improvements.  I love Director, it’s a great tool.  But it is extremely limited in comparison to Edgesite, and even more limited if all your traffic doesn’t flow through a Netscaler.  Forcing the use of Netscaler to get the advanced network stats is crap.  If your user base is internal introducing Netscalers only adds a layer of complexity you shouldn’t be forced to have.  And in many orgs other gateway and load balancing technologies already exist like F5 that preclude getting the network stats.  There has got to be a way to do this so that we can get what we need within Director itself

That’s it… that’s my big 4 I want to see from Citrix.  Some of them are reasonable, others probably less so.  But all of them are needed. Happy 2015!

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