Boom… Citrix Mic Drops on VMware with Strategic Microsoft Alliance

Today at Citrix Synergy, Citrix announced what might be a game changer for VDI.  For the first time ever Microsoft is going to allow you to run Windows 10 VDI in a shared Cloud and Citrix is going to be the sole provider for it.  That’s right, the SPLA war is over (or will be soon)!  But of course there’s caveats :).  First, this is ONLY applicable to Azure.  So those of you who want to use VMware, Amazon, Google, etc; are out of luck.  Learn to love Azure.  Second, organizations need to bring their own licensing.  You must have Per User licensing with current SA and you must use Current Branch for Business.  But make no mistake, this is a HUGE step forward for VDI in the Cloud.  And this is far from the only area that Citrix and Microsoft are working closely on.  Think about the huge push Citrix is making to the Cloud, look at who the new Citrix CEO is and where he worked at, and think about the many overlapping areas Citrix and Microsoft have.  I think you will start to see a long term picture emerge.

I will leave you with this CTP photo from yesterday.  Some of you might recognize that bald guy towards the right (Brad Anderson, Vice President at Microsoft)


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