With the 7.13 Release Don’t Forget to Disable Phone Home!

Just a reminder that the 7.13 license server upgrade might turn your phone home back on, or if you are new to 7.11 or higher then it is on by default!  If you want to be paranoid like me and disable it then you have to do it from the command line still.  Follow the […]

The coolest thing I saw at VMworld 2015

I’m finally mostly recovered from VMworld 2015 enough to write a post about it.  But the truth is, VMworld is so massive it would be incredibly difficult to encompass it all in one post.  23,000 people and the entire floor of Moscone South make for a lot of walking!  I averaged over 5 miles a […]

Session Reliability Crashes HDX Insight Appliances

Here’s a fun one that bit us.  HDX Insight is a feature we’ve been trying to implement for a year but something inevitably seems to go wrong.  First it caused our HA Netscalers to fail back and forth constantly.  Then it caused problems with the var log filling up causing the Netscalers to hang.  It […]

My thoughts on VMWare buying CloudVolumes

Over the past few months I have become a serious CloudVolumes aficionado.  To me the approach they were taking for the application virtualization stack was exactly the right one… attach at the user logon and roam across any device, anywhere.  I’ve looked at the competition… Unidesk, Liquidware FlexApp, Citrix PVD, and Mirage all frankly have […]

Application Layer Extraction is the Next Frontier

For many, many years now we’ve have various layers to our user cake.  We’ve extracted the OS from the hardware with hypervisors and OS virtualization.  We’ve extracted the user with RES, AppSense, UPM, you name it.  We’ve extracted data with redirected folders and network shares.  The last slice of the cake is, to me anyway, […]

What we do is simple except when it isn’t

I’ve spent a lot of time over the last couple of weeks reflecting on what we saw from Synergy and TechEd.  What I’ve decided is that as whiz-bang as all these announcements are, the industry as a whole really doesn’t have a firm idea where it is headed.  I made the comment to my management […]

Citrix Releases ShareConnect

Out of the blue (at least for me) Citrix has released a new product they are calling ShareConnect.  Based on what appears to be a combination of the RemotePC code along with Sharefile components it allows you to remote a PC and access documents, applications, and even a full desktop if required.  It is also […]