Scripting a PVS Capacity on Demand Model with XenApp 6.5 Part 4

I had originally stated that this would be a 3 part series consisting of the following: Analysing PVS usage Adding a server to a collection Removing a server from a collection I came to the realization though that removing a server from a collection is really just the process of adding a server to a […]

Scripting a PVS Capacity on Demand Model with XenApp 6.5 Part 3

Hi everyone! Shane O’Neill back again for the next part of our series on automating PVS to provide on demand capacity for your environment. At the end of my previous post, we had just finished querying XenApp to get our current usage ratio for user sessions per server. Based on the result that we received, we […]

Scripting a PVS Capacity on Demand Model with XenApp 6.5 Part 2

See… I wasn’t lying when I said it was coming 🙂  For this post (and the next couple) I’m letting my friend and former colleague Shane O’Neill provide most of the content.  He did quite a bit of the heavy lifting to make my vision a reality and hopefully we will have a chance to […]

Duplicate IPs in PVS 6.1 and 7.1

We have been having a really difficult time over the last few months with our PVS environment especially with DHCP.  We use Infoblocks appliances as our DHCP devices and frankly I think Citrix has them on a naughty list somewhere.  You want to get hung up on quick call Citrix and tell them you are […]

Using PVS for XenApp? You Should be Caching to RAM!

I’ve been going through a lot of design options for PVS and storage lately in my day job.  There’s so many great options now from Nutanix, Simplivity, and the like that administrators have available that it makes me wonder if the traditional NAS or SAN will ever regain their foothold in the world of a […]

Costing Citrix PVS Solutions – Look Beyond NAS

We have been doing a lot of costing exercises lately to try to drive down our cost per user to provide VDI.  One of the biggest costs is of course on the Storage side.  The numbers can get really fascinating and compared to a fat VDI implementation the PVS options are pretty wide-ranging.  Interestingly the option that comes out […]

PVS tips and tweaks

This is just a quick cheatsheet of PVS tweaks we make.  All of these tweaks are essential to actually being able to capture a vdisk with PVS 6.1.   PVS Server Tweaks  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\TCPIP\Parameters\                Key: “DisableTaskOffload” (dword)                Value: “1” Disable IPv6 Disable Network Monitor Driver Set Stream and Soap services recovery actions to Restart […]