The self-healing XenDesktop VM

At Synergy this year, I submitted an idea for the “GeekOvation” award which took place during Geek Speak Live. My idea was based on the concept of making a XenDesktop VM self-aware and self-healing. The environment that I support consists of tens of thousands of 1:1 persistent Win 7 VM’s. XenDesktop VM’s need to be […]

Scripting a PVS Capacity on Demand Model with XenApp 6.5 Part 4

I had originally stated that this would be a 3 part series consisting of the following: Analysing PVS usage Adding a server to a collection Removing a server from a collection I came to the realization though that removing a server from a collection is really just the process of adding a server to a […]

My Synergy Session Slides Now Available

*EDIT* For those of you coming over from #virtualexpo here is the original deck we did for SYN514 with the expanded code examples.   Download them here SYN314-Lessons Learned on the Way to 50000 Users and SYN514– Creating a Capacity on Demand Model with PVS.  These versions have all the latest notes and info from when we presented […]