Geek 115 Slides

Here’s the slide deck from my Geek 115 Summit presentation this evening. Enjoy! Geek115  

Understanding the Limitations of the new XenDesktop 7.12 Local Host Cache

For several years now, one of the defining differences between XenApp 6.5 and XenDesktop 7.x has been the absence of the Local Host Cache. As a refresher, LHC was used to keep a local copy of the database on each XenApp server to insure that in the event of a database outage your farm would […]

Citrix License Server 7.11 Phones Home Until you Stop It

Late last night Citrix dropped the bits for XenDesktop 7.11.  There are a ton of great features in this release and I will discuss them over the next few weeks but there’s a gotcha you need to be aware of buried in the new 7.11 license server.  Let’s talk about the Citrix License Manager Service. […]

Citrix Acquires Norskale – Ups Their UEM Profile

This morning Citrix publicly announced the acquisition of Norskale.  If you have ever been to a Synergy you probably remember Norskale for the cute little foam ghosts they give out on the floor (my dogs love them!).  Helmed by fellow (now former!) CTP Pierre Marmignon Norskale has been enhacing the VDI space for years with top […]

I know I am slacking!

In the middle of a major job change :). Several posts in the queue just need time to polish them.

Sorry for the outage

Apparently a plugin I’ve used for quite some time was actually causing my site to act as part of a botnet.  Fun times.  All fixed now I hope!