Changing App Icons in Citrix Cloud Services

If you’ve done any work with Citrix Cloud, you might have realized by now you can’t change the app icons once you have published them in the cloud console. This came up in our CNX350 class this week and curious to find a workaround, we tested out a theory.  First, an explanation of the problem… in on prem Studio you can use PoSH to change an application icon once published by uploading the new icon and assigning it. You do not have direct PoSH access to the Cloud Studio however (you do have access through the API but it is limited). When you publish an application the Studio pulls the icon file over through SMB.

Since you can’t use the PoSH commands to change the icon you are kind of stuck when you publish apps in the Cloud Services. So what I found was a workaround that gets the icon changed but it has to be performed BEFORE the app import. Very simply, on the image you are pulling you app icons from change the default icons for the programs you intend to import to whatever you want the end result to be. Then when you run the app publishing it will default to that icon instead. You can’t change an already-published application, so you would need to republish it for the icon to change. Simple, but ultimately a pain to have to remember to do!

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