Citrix Acquires Comtrade SCOM Monitoring Technology

In announcements made at Citrix Summit today, one of the most interesting tidbits to come out is that Citrix has entered into a deal with SCOM monitoring pack provider Comtrade to license their monitor packs for Citrix.  Some of you may remember that years ago Citrix actually used to realease their own SCOM packs, although they weren’t the greatest in the world :).  Eventually though they started directing customers that wanted SCOM integration to buy what Comtrade offered.  With this new deal Citrix will provide the monitoring capabilities as part of their Platinum licensing and also eventually offer a new SKU to buy them individually.  Citrix will be the sole provider for these SCOM packs, meaning customers can no longer get them from Comtrade.  What that means for existing Comtrade customers has yet to be determined.  Please note, Citrix is NOT buying Comtrade!  They are licensing only the packs that deal with Citrix.  Comtrade does a lot of other stuff too and is a really valuable tool for an environment running a lot of SCOM.

So what do I think about it?  I think it’s a great acquisition.  Citrix knows their monitoring efforts haven’t exactly been stellar since the demise of Edgesite (love it or hate it there was soooo much good data there) and providing these packs will help close the gaps in environments that already use SCOM.  And make no mistake, a LOT of Enterprise customers already have some sort of SCOM install.  Remember last January Citrix did a massive survey on the state of monitoring, and SCOM was the clear leader.  That won’t do anything to help customers who aren’t SCOM shops, and their are pieces that still aren’t covered by the SCOM packs Comtrade has.  But it will meet the needs of a lot of customers for free (free of course being licenses with an active SA).

When will this be released?  There’s still details and integration to be done, but I would expect to see something available within months.  Great decision by Citrix, and a good win for a lot of customers.

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  • Jeffrey Fletcher says:

    I used the SCOM/Comtrade combo at a former employer and I was not impressed at all by the product. Often, I’d look for data that simply did not exist. And the data that was available, was buried in some of the most non-intuitive menus I’ve seen. Couple that with the fact that it actually caused our systems to perform worse when it was running. For example, I’d see it spike to 30% CPU every couple of minutes for a minute or so at a time on our XenApp servers. It also queried our XenDesktop database from all DDCs the agent was installed one instead of collecting relevant data from maybe 1 DDC per farm (we had 12 XD controllers…that’s a lot of unnecessary SQL querying). Sure, they fixed those issues, but it took a long time for them to figure that out.

    Free or not, it was not tremendously valuable to me.

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