Citrix Forcing Storefront Down Our Throats Ready or Not!

If you have bought a Windows 8 RT device or a snazzy new Chromebook lately and tried to connect it to your existing infrastructure you are in for a rude awakening.  Because despite the fact that the venerable Web Interface has 2 more years left before it is End of Life, for all intents and purposes Citrix is forcing the replacement Storefront on us now.  These newer devices ONLY work with Storefront.  It’s a strange change for Citrix, and one that I think rather agressively forces organizations to start the migration process early.  Storefront, if you haven’t seen it, is very different from Web Interface.  So different that in the average corporate orgnization you will need to give your users a lot of warning and some training on how to use it.  So in that respect I can understand the desire from Citrix to have you start that migration path early so you aren’t up against a wall.

On the other hand, Web Interface has two years left.  Two years.  Citrix seems to be abandoning any new device receiver development for that platform and focusing only on Storefront.  This is going to lead to a lot of us having to rapidly toss up Storefront sites even though we aren’t ready for them.  And the Storefront infrasturcture is (in my opinion) more complex and more difficult to implement in a multi-server setup.  So start getting familiar with it ASAP Citrix admins.  Because you don’t really have those 2 years you might have thought you had.


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