Citrix Local App Access and RES Workspace Manager Conflicts

I’ve spent the last few months working with Citrix trying to get our XenApp Local App Access working.  It’s been an incredibly frustrating experience to be honest because there isn’t a lot of logging to show what’s up.  We finally found a log entry that showed the shortcut folder being created and then instantly destroyed, and when we put the server in an OU totally isolated from all policies it worked.  We chased the GPO rabbit hole for a while but still couldn’t find it.  And then finally we stumbled across the problem.

For those that don’t know, Local App Access technology is not something Citrix created.  In fact the core software is licensed from RES who had it available a year or two ahead of Citrix.  We use RES Workspace Manager in our environment on every server (excellent software!) but do not use the RES Local App Access features.  Apparently though with RES installed when you use LAA it actually does read the RES keys even though you want to use the Citrix technology.  Crazy!

So what was the fix?  We had to add the following key to our servers, and then miraculously LAA worked fine.  Neither Citrix nor RES has a current tech article on this so apparently not many people are trying to do this, but just in case I hope this keeps someone else from having to spend months of troubleshooting time.

RES Workspace Manager 32-bit: Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\RES\Workspace Manager Value: KeepSeamlessHostAgent Type: REG_SZ Data: yes (all lowercase!)

64-bit: Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\RES\Workspace Manager Value: KeepSeamlessHostAgent Type: REG_SZ Data: yes (all lowercase!)


*EDIT* I’ve been told that Citrix actually wrote their own version of LAA and what they got from RES was permission to use the technology since it was patented.  So if that’s true I REALLY don’t understand why you need to add the RES key 🙂

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  • MicaH says:

    Can you elaborate on the log entry you found? I have the same issues here even with the registry entry in place and I’d like to troubleshoot the issue, but I can’t find any logs that explain why it isn’t working.

  • Jason McCutcheon says:


    You have saved me a truckload of time in getting this issue resolved as I was scratching my head for a good couple of days trying to get this working.

    This article should be at the top of the Google hits – this fix also appears to work with XenDesktop 7.9 and RES One Workspace 2016.

    Thanks again!

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