Citrix Releases ShareConnect

Out of the blue (at least for me) Citrix has released a new product they are calling ShareConnect.  Based on what appears to be a combination of the RemotePC code along with Sharefile components it allows you to remote a PC and access documents, applications, and even a full desktop if required.  It is also (at least for the moment) totally free.  I have spent the last few hours playing with it and I have to say it is pretty impressive!

There seem to be two ways to get it:

1) Go to the iOS App Store and download the app.  Once registered you will get an email link to download the client required on the PC.  This is what I did and was very easy.

2) Apparently if you have a ShareFile account you can also just go to and log in with those credentials to get it.  I don’t have one so I can’t validate that, but when I hit the login button it took me to a ShareFile login connection so I assume I am right.

It does have a couple of limitations like no auto-rotate and it always starts with the Documents view.  But it’s a pretty cool tool, it’s free, and it worked very nicely with my iPad on wireless.  So check it out today.

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