Citrix sells CloudPlatform and CloudPortal Business Manager

In an interesting news release, Citrix has announced they are selling their CloudPlatform and CloudPortal Business Manager technologies to Accelerite, a cloud services company.  This is an intriguing move for Citrix because it continues to prune away the outlier technologies and let’s Citrix focus on their core app and desktop delivery message.  This follows the stated intention to sell off the GoTo product line and the elimination or reduction in other areas.  Citrix said they were going to make the focus Apps and Desktops and so far they are definitely following through on that message!

So is this a big deal?  It’s hard for me to judge.  I’ll be honest the one time I saw CloudPlatform tried at scale it fell down badly :).  This does take Citrix completely out of the on prem cloud automation business, so I’m sure you will hear from the competition about how “complete” they are in comparison.  I’m glad to see Citrix carrying through on their promise and let’s see how it translates in the new year!


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