Disabling Rearm of OS and Office on MCS in Citrix Cloud

Many of you are probably aware of the problem that occasionally seems to plague MCS where, when you try to create a new Catalog, the process fails when it tries to rearm the OS or Office and it kicks out at the Domain Join because of it. Carl Stalhood and Citrix have posted the PowerShell workaround commands to execute. The commands are:

  • Set-ProvServiceConfigurationData -Name ImageManagementPrep_Excluded_Steps -Value EnableDHCP
  • Set-ProvServiceConfigurationData -Name ImageManagementPrep_Excluded_Steps -Value OsRearm
  • Set-ProvServiceConfigurationData -Name ImageManagementPrep_Excluded_Steps -Value OfficeRearm
  • Set-ProvServiceConfigurationData -Name ImageManagementPrep_Excluded_Steps -Value "OsRearm,OfficeRearm"
  • Set-ProvServiceConfigurationData -Name ImageManagementPrep_DoImagePreparation -Value $false

The problem is that these commands cannot be issued in a Citrix Cloud account. They tend to result in this:

cmdlet Set-ProvServi ceConfigurationData at convnand pipeline position I 
Supply values for the following parameters: 
Name: ImageNanagementPrep_ExcI uded_Steps 
alue: OsRearm 
: permissic,n the 
tens eh. 
+ Categorylnfc 
+ Fun IR,uaIifiedErrorId 
Permissionoeniet: , LnauzhorizedÃ?ccessExceptfcn 
. Citrix. . Status. Conf 
. Commands . ceConfi gun 

The reasons have to do with the permissions at the actual Azure tenant account. Even as an Administrator on your Citrix Cloud account, you lack certain permissions on the tenant… and no I don’t have any idea what else you lack the rights to do. Citrix doesn’t exactly tell anyone what they are missing. Why would you need to do this? In our case it was to use Citrix App Layering, where we wanted the Platform Layer to contain the Domain Join and not the MCS process itself.

So what’s the fix? In this case, you have to open a support case with Citrix and have them execute the PoSh with their account to have enough rights on the tenant. Otherwise you will be out of luck. Hope this helps keep someone else from many many hours of troubleshooting.


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