How to disable power management in XenDesktop 5

So this one bit us not once but twice (we forgot to set it again when we rebuilt our XD5 prod environment).  If you use static 1:1 desktops in XenDesktop 5 it isn’t smart enough to realize you probably don’t want it managing the power settings.  Every morning we’d get new complaints that VMs were shut down, and users were having to wait for them to turn back on.  After a little digging I found an excellent DOC file here that really explains how to disable it.  In short you have two methods:

1) Kill power management for ALL your desktop groups.  If you don’t want any power management at all from XD5 you need to run these two commands from the PowerShell window that you can launch from Desktop Studio –

Get-BrokerPowerTimeScheme | Set-BrokerPowerTimeScheme -PoolSize (1..24|%{-1})
Get-BrokerDesktopGroup | Set-BrokerDesktopGroup -PeakBufferSizePercent 100 -OffPeakBufferSizePercent 100 -AutomaticPowerOnForAssigned $false

This sets the pool size to -1 (which disables it) and sets AutomaticPowerOnForAssigned to False for all desktop groups.  Important Note: If you create any more groups you MUST RUN THIS AGAIN!  That one bit us as well 😉

2) Set power management on individual desktop groups.  This is a great option if you have a mixed environment of pooled and static and want some groups to have power management –

Set-BrokerDesktopGroup “group” –AutomaticPowerOnForAssigned $false

Just replace “group” with your desktop group name.  This works great.

So that’s it… nice and simple, but it emphasizes once again how important Powershell is to XenDesktop 5.

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