On becoming a CTP

I’ve been using and advocating for Citrix technology for what feels like a lifetime.  Way back in 1997 when my boss said “Hey Paul, check out this Citrix thing” I had no idea it would define my career.  So it was a real thrill to be awarded Citrix Technology Professional status for 2015.  I’m not going to lie and say I never thought about it… in fact I thought about it a lot :).  I didn’t think I would necessarily get it though, and am thrilled beyond words that I did.  It won’t change what I do here.  I still will continue to question the strategy when I think it needs to be said and discuss the strengths and weaknesses that I see as an Enterprise customer.  But it does give me a real sense of accomplishment and honor that I was chosen and I hope to live up to the footsteps of the many great CTPs before me.  I want to give a special thank you to the friends, coworkers, and management at Aetna for 7 great years of both personal and professional growth that helped me achieve this goal.


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  • Paul, welcome aboard and great to have you in the CTP program

    Most of us share that same experience of an initial experience with Citrix which is inspiring. Then you go down the Rabbit Hole only to realize, as you said, that it became a career and many years have since gone by.

    Its a great ride and glad to have you along with it!

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