Session Reliability Crashes HDX Insight Appliances

Here’s a fun one that bit us.  HDX Insight is a feature we’ve been trying to implement for a year but something inevitably seems to go wrong.  First it caused our HA Netscalers to fail back and forth constantly.  Then it caused problems with the var log filling up causing the Netscalers to hang.  It has never worked for our double hop users which is most of them.  Now we are faced with a situation where our HDX appliance constantly is crashing.  It turns out this is yet another bug Citrix is aware of but doesn’t yet have a fix for.  The only current work around is to disable Session Reliability at the WI or Storefront level for the gateway connections.  In some environments that is a serious problem in it’s own right and not something you want to do unless you have to.

Since HDX Insight in conjunction with Director is supposed to be the replacement for Edgesight, it would be helpful if it was stable enough to use consistently.  As it stands now I’m never sure day to day it will actually be functional.  This is clearly a not ready for prime time product and I wish Citrix would put some resources into making the whole chain stable.

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