Virtual IPs on 2008R2 using ESX 5 U1 is Broken

In case you haven’t delved into the world of Virtual IPs on XenApp 6.5 it is a seriously strange world.  With 4.5 on 2003 the Virtual IP functionality was controlled entirely within the XenApp console.  Sure it was more than a little unclear, but it was all in one place.  In migrating to 6.5 however we stumbled […]

Cloning XenApp 6.5 on ESX

We recently started deploying XenApp 6.5 using VMWare ESX.  Our typical process is to convert to template and then use ESX deploy from template procedures.  VMWare conveniently built in a sysprep-like process that runs after the VM boots up and joins the network.  In XenApp 4.5 the process worked perfectly with the XenAppPrep command line […]