Use Citrix Desktop Director to Manage Your ESX Environment

Citrix Desktop Director is a great tool for your XenDesktop environment.  It allows you to manage the VM power states, user assignments, and see session statistics for troubleshooting.  That said it’s primary purpose really is integration with XenDesktop.  Oh sure, you can use it with XenApp 6.0 and XenApp 6.5 and I do.  But the […]

How to disable power management in XenDesktop 5

So this one bit us not once but twice (we forgot to set it again when we rebuilt our XD5 prod environment).  If you use static 1:1 desktops in XenDesktop 5 it isn’t smart enough to realize you probably don’t want it managing the power settings.  Every morning we’d get new complaints that VMs were […]