Unregistered Desktops Constantly Rebooting

We set up a group of unregistered desktops so that we could have them be managed by Desktop Director but not be brokered through XenDesktop (I’ll explain that one in another post!).  The problem was the darn things kept rebooting… all the time.  Turns out that Citrix sees the desktop as being in some sort of corrupted state, so after trying to restart the services (which don’t actually exist in this case) the DDC decides it needs a hard reboot.  That was a serious problem for the 2000 unbrokered desktops we imported!

Turns out you have two options… 1) Don’t do what we did!  2) Set the entire group to Maintenance Mode Enabled.  Once we did that the DDC decided to ignore that group entirely, figuring something was wrong.  And we were still able to broker.  So if you want to import unmanaged desktops, set the group to Maintenance Mode or you will regret it!

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