XenDesktop Farm Migration Utility Update – Version 1.3

Following on from our SYN209 session at Synergy this year, I have been releasing a series tools that can assist with migrating to Citrix Cloud. Today, I am releasing version 1.3.0 of the XenDesktop Farm Migration Tool which now has support for Citrix Cloud. The migration functionality of the tool can now migrate a VM from a On-Prem farm to Citrix Cloud. The disaster functionality of the tool now also support Citrix Cloud for both the backup and restore capabilities. You can check out the user guide for the tool for full details of the new features and to download the new version. I got some great feedback from people after the session and that is greatly appreciated. There are a bunch of requests for new features that I am working on. These include:

  • Citrix Cloud to Citrix Cloud migration support.
  • Support for VM tags.
  • An option to not delete the VM from the source farm during the migration process.

These will all be coming in the next version. As always, any questions, suggestions or problems, please contact me.

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