XenDesktop Farm Migration Utility Update – Version 1.4

When I released the version 1.3 of this tool earlier this year with support for migrations to Citrix Cloud, one of the first questions I was asked was “Can you add support for migrations between Citrix Cloud regions?”. So I did. This new version of the tool will allow you to migrate between Citrix Cloud regions as well as any combination of both Citrix Cloud and On-Prem.

The full list new features for this new version is:

  • Support for migrations between Citrix Cloud regions.
  • The tool will now only use the Citrix Remote PowerShell SDK. The tool can use this for any migrations, whether it be Citrix Cloud or On-Prem.
  • An option to delete the VM from the source farm after it has been added to the target farm.
  • Support for VM tags.
  • An option to set the registration check timeout on the VM in the target farm. You can set this to zero to skip this check.

Download your copy of the new tool from the user guide page.

Watch a demo video of the new Citrix Cloud to Citrix Cloud functionality.

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