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My name is Paul Stansel, and I’m a Citrix addict.  I’ve been working with Citrix technologies since 1997 when I did my first implementation of Winframe.  Since then I’ve done ALMOST every product Citrix has offered, including the elusive Metaframe 1.0.  I co-authored a couple of books along the way and edited a couple others.  Unfortunately I’ve found that to be incredibly boring, terribly paying work.  I am currently a Citrix Technology Professional and a Principal Consultant with Presidio in the Tri-State region.  I bought this domain years ago intending to do something with it but I’ve been lazy.  Now I’m going to use it as kind of a day to day issues we resolve list.  Hopefully it will help others out who might need some questions answered!

Follow me on Twitter @pstansel or shoot me an email at paul (AT) paulstansel.com

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