How to Fix Virtual IPs in ESX

So in this post I detailed how Virtual IPs on ESX5 with Server 2008 R2 were broken.  There’s a fix, but is isn’t pleasant if you have a lot of servers.  Quite simply you have to uninstall the VM tools, enable Virtual IPs, and then reinstall the tools.  The unfortunate part is that you will […]

Use Citrix Desktop Director to Manage Your ESX Environment

Citrix Desktop Director is a great tool for your XenDesktop environment.  It allows you to manage the VM power states, user assignments, and see session statistics for troubleshooting.  That said it’s primary purpose really is integration with XenDesktop.  Oh sure, you can use it with XenApp 6.0 and XenApp 6.5 and I do.  But the […]

Cloning XenApp 6.5 on ESX

We recently started deploying XenApp 6.5 using VMWare ESX.  Our typical process is to convert to template and then use ESX deploy from template procedures.  VMWare conveniently built in a sysprep-like process that runs after the VM boots up and joins the network.  In XenApp 4.5 the process worked perfectly with the XenAppPrep command line […]