XenDesktop Farm Migration Utility Update – Version 1.2

This feature enhancement has been on the cards for a while now, I have had several people ask for it but it is amazing how much having a new baby in the house can really eat up all your spare time! I finally got around to getting the code finalized and posted…

The self-healing XenDesktop VM – Part 2

It’s taken me a bit longer to get around to posting the second part of this, apologies to those of you that have been waiting for it. I got a lot of great feedback and questions about the first part and there was a certain commonality among the questions. In my code, after determining that […]

The self-healing XenDesktop VM

At Synergy this year, I submitted an idea for the “GeekOvation” award which took place during Geek Speak Live. My idea was based on the concept of making a XenDesktop VM self-aware and self-healing. The environment that I support consists of tens of thousands of 1:1 persistent Win 7 VM’s. XenDesktop VM’s need to be […]

Black Screen Issues with 7.x VDA

Over the last 7 months we have spent an enormous amount of time working with Citrix on a problem that we just couldn’t shake.  When we started our migration process from XenDesktop 5.6 to 7.1 we got a very nasty error.  Users would make a successful ICA connection but the screen would stay totally black.  […]

Citrix Connector 7.5 for SCCM 2012 released

Citrix has renamed their SCCM connector to Citrix Connector 7.5 and finally released the production code the other day.  We went to test it in our environment and immediately failed to connect on port 5986:       Fixing it was pretty easy, just not something that I immediately caught.  Since SCCM is talking to […]

High CPU Consumption in XD7.1 Broker Service

We began our migration to XenDesktop 7.1 last month and have managed to move over 22,000 VMs in a pretty short period of time.  Along the way we’ve found some bugs, most notably with the BrokerService.  At times we have seen extremely high CPU consumption (100% across all cores) to the point where it hangs […]