XenDesktop Farm Migration Utility Update – Version 1.2

This feature enhancement has been on the cards for a while now, I have had several people ask for it but it is amazing how much having a new baby in the house can really eat up all your spare time! I finally got around to getting the code finalized and posted…

Fun with the VDA 7.6 & HDX Encoding

The Citrix Virtual Delivery Agent. The VDA. The piece of technology that bring many of our Citrix products to life and allows us to delivery resources to our end users. Without it, our Citrix environment simply wouldn’t function. So we love it, right? Well yeah. But in that same breath you can also come to […]

The self-healing XenDesktop VM – Part 2

It’s taken me a bit longer to get around to posting the second part of this, apologies to those of you that have been waiting for it. I got a lot of great feedback and questions about the first part and there was a certain commonality among the questions. In my code, after determining that […]

The self-healing XenDesktop VM

At Synergy this year, I submitted an idea for the “GeekOvation” award which took place during Geek Speak Live. My idea was based on the concept of making a XenDesktop VM self-aware and self-healing. The environment that I support consists of tens of thousands of 1:1 persistent Win 7 VM’s. XenDesktop VM’s need to be […]

Unable to add load balanced App-V Publishing Server

I’ve finally started playing around with the App-V support in XenDesktop 7.x (I know, behind the times) and immediately hit a pretty significant snag.  In our environment the App-V Publishing Server is load balanced behind and F5 VIP so that we don’t have a single point of failure.  This is the server you define on […]

Looking at the new 7.6 Clipboard Policies

With the release of XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 (I’m just going to call it XD 7.6 from now on!) there are some very interesting new Clipboard policies that have been added for us as administrators to take advantage of.  I say interesting because for the longest time clipboard mapping has been one of the largest […]

Is XenApp 7.6 a Worthy Replacement for XenApp 6.5?

Since the 7.0 release of XenDesktop, Citrix has been trying to convince us that it was really an acceptable replacement to XenApp 7.6.  The painfully honest truth however was that it just fell short in far too many areas.  2 years and 3 revisions later (not to mention the return of the XenApp name!) and […]

How to tweak Connection Leasing in XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6

With the release of 7.6, Citrix has tried to provide some functionality to address the concerns that XenApp users have had in their migration efforts.  Some of those are welcome additions like folder structure in the applications.  One very interesting addition though is their attempt to replace the local host cache feature that was lost […]