Citrix Cloud Migration Tool

As part of SYN209, I talked about migrating to Citrix Cloud and how Citrix really don’t provide any tools to assist customers will moving their farms from on prem to Citrix Cloud. As a result of my own work with Citrix Cloud, I went about creating a number of tools that would help with this process and here is the first one…

The Citrix Cloud Migration Tool allows you to take your existing farm structure and recreate it in a farm in Citrix Cloud. The tool will read all the catalog, delivery group and hosting connection information from your on prem farm and export that to a JSON file. You can then use the file (And yes, if you are brave you can edit it and change some of the information) and recreate the farm structure in Citrix Cloud using the tool import function.

There is a user guide, download link and some demo videos available from the Tools page on the menu bar or from the links below. Hopefully this will save you some time as you begin your adventure in to Citrix Cloud… Any question, problems or suggestions, please let me know…

User Guide

Download Link

Demo Videos

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