Citrix Desktop Lock

Somehow I missed this coming out along the way… Citrix has a technology they are simply calling Desktop Lock.  You can find more details here but it essentially lets you turn your client machines into a very stripped down thin client using shell replacement.  All the user gets is a grey screen and then the first virtual desktop in the alphabetical list launches.  It requires you to install on a machine that already has certain receiver components available (the Enterprise 3.4 receiver for starters with SSON and a store defined) so read the doc carefully.  It also will invoke for every ID except the one that installed it so that’s a bit of a bummer too 🙂  But if you need a REALLY simple shell replacement for your full OS PCs it’s not a bad option at all.  I know there are a ton out there but for Citrix this works pretty well.

You can find the install media in the Receivers folder in your 7.5 download package.  It’s just a simple file called DesktopLock.exe.  Give it a whirl!  It’s always fun to find software you never knew Citrix had 😉


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