XenDesktop Farm Migration Utility Update – Version 1.4

When I released the version 1.3 of this tool earlier this year with support for migrations to Citrix Cloud, one of the first questions I was asked was “Can you add support for migrations between Citrix Cloud regions?”. So I did. This new version of the tool will allow you to migrate between Citrix Cloud regions as well as any combination of both Citrix Cloud and On-Prem.

The full list new features for this new version is:

  • Support for migrations between Citrix Cloud regions.
  • The tool will now only use the Citrix Remote PowerShell SDK. The tool can use this for any migrations, whether it be Citrix Cloud or On-Prem.
  • An option to delete the VM from the source farm after it has been added to the target farm.
  • Support for VM tags.
  • An option to set the registration check timeout on the VM in the target farm. You can set this to zero to skip this check.

Download your copy of the new tool from the user guide page.

Watch a demo video of the new Citrix Cloud to Citrix Cloud functionality.


  • Ted Mottinger says:

    Hi Shane, I am having an issue with XD Farm Migration Utility v1.4 (Great Program BTW). I don’t think this is a permissions issue as I’ve tried a few different usernames but anyway the program currently fails if I select the “Set DDC in registry”. I get the error “Unable to modify DDC in registry”. If I don’t select this box the program goes through and works flawlessly and then I can manually update the registry key and it works perfectly. Unfortunately I have several hundred VDIs to migrate and manually changing the registry would be really time consuming. Do you know what might be causing this? Thanks so much for the hard work!


    • Shane O'Neill says:

      Hi Ted… So it is one of two things… It could be permissions, are you able to connect to the remote registry on the VDI and edit it? And the second thing, and more likely, is the Remote Registry service running on the VDI? If that service isn’t running, the tool would not be able to make the change…

      Check those out and let me know…


      • Ted says:

        Yep, that was it. The Remote Registry service is disabled in our entire environment for obvious reasons. As soon as I enabled that service the program worked flawlessly! One thing to note is for some reason the “reset” button at the bottom of the program screen doesn’t seem to work. Not too big of a deal. I just re-open a new instance of the program and it runs great. Thanks so much!


  • Ted says:

    That was it! The service is disabled. As soon as I enabled it, it worked perfectly! Thanks so much!

    • Shane O'Neill says:

      Great, glad that fixed it for you… I’m working on the next version of the tool and I will see if I can add some logic to check if that service is running and alert if it isn’t… And fix the reset button… 🙂


  • Davi says:

    Hello Shane,

    Im getting “VM is not found in XenDesktop…” error. Gessing its because I have no hypervisor connection setup in my XenApp farm. Does that make sense?
    What I really wanted was to import all my application and icons to a given delivery group in citrix cloud. Dont really mind about policies, users, admins, etc.


  • Andi says:

    Hi Shane,
    i am having an issue with XD Farm Migration Utility v1.4
    When I trying to migrate some workers with a the GUI Tool and add Worker via worker.txt file the GUI show an issue “VM is not found in XenDesktop”
    When I use the same command like the GUI “get-brokerdesktop –MachineName “domain\VMname” –AdminAddress “CitrixDeliveryController” from the PowerShell I get a response from the worker. Do you have any idea what is wrong?


    • Shane O'Neill says:

      What format are the machine names entered in the text file? Can you send me a copy off the PowerShell output from the tool also?


    Hi Shane,

    I’m trying to take a backup of Citrix Cloud using the DR util in 1.4. I successfully auth, validate and process but the list is empty with no items to support? Any ideas? cheers

    • Shane O'Neill says:

      Hi John, can you email me a copy of the PowerShell output from the tool when you try this? Also, can you confirm that you have the Citrix Remote SDK installed? Shane…

  • sttom says:

    Hi Shane, I’m currently receiving an error message after the “SetDDC” step. It fails whether I check or do not check “Set DDC in registry”. The error I am getting is “Can’t read hypervisor ID from target DDC. Skipping migration”. Below I have the log entered after the try.

    12:01:29 PM vfcorp\ITGC0AVXDWXA009 : VM is in XenDesktop and powered on…
    12:01:29 PM vfcorp\ITGC0AVXDWXA009 : Hypervisor recorded as NAMR_VBlock_Host_Connection
    12:01:29 PM vfcorp\ITGC0AVXDWXA009 : Hosted Machine ID recorded as 4239c8aa-8e68-1486-3ca5-59851a4b1a88
    12:01:29 PM vfcorp\ITGC0AVXDWXA009 : Assigned user(s) recorded as VFCORP\USER1
    12:01:29 PM vfcorp\ITGC0AVXDWXA009 : Can’t read hypervisor ID from target DDC, skipping migration… Please review…

    • Shane O'Neill says:

      Hi… Can you email me a copy of the PowerShell output from the tool and a screen shot of the tool itself when this happens?


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